International Focus

At the time of its inception, the founders of the Knowledge Valley International School felt the need to create an educational institution that is truly ‘international’ in all aspects, an institution that would fulfill the need of not just resident Indians, but also those residing outside India. The school believes that the positive aspects of Indian culture, tradition and values must be imbibed in all our children in their formative years. It was therefore felt that the Knowledge Valley International School, amongst other areas of focus, should also aim at providing complete, quality education to children of parents who reside in other countries. Several initiatives have since been taken and Knowledge Valley International School now provides an attractive alternative to school students who opt to undertake their studies here in India.
This diversity amongst students helps them be aware of different countries, their cultures and inculcates in them a spirit of brotherhood and unity in diversity. School students benefit immensely from the multi cultural, multi racial student body, which contributes immensely to the learning experience at the Knowledge Valley International School. Students who choose to study at Knowledge Valley International School will find that the school offers several advantages, primarily:

A school campus situated in the picturesque Knowledge Valley with facilities that compare well with educational institutions in the rest of the world.

Curricula based on the guidelines provided by India’s most reputed and the universally accepted Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Emphasis on co-curricular and extra curricular activities for the ‘complete education’ of a child.

The option of learning additional Indian languages, music, traditional dances, and also the traditions and culture of India.

A system of education that emphasizes the importance of tolerance, respect and love, for teachers, parents and fellow human beings.

Regular tours and treks to various places of historical, cultural and religious importance to educate the children of their rich heritage and culture.

Access to e-mail and Internet facilities so that the children can stay in regular touch with their parents.

A caring and nurturing school environment and well trained staff to make the children feel at home.

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